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Several languages are supported

  The latest text entry method by Tiptyper, the developer of GKOS keyboard.
ComboKey (app to try the method) and ComboKey Plus (default keyboard) can
be considered as examples of optimized chorded keyboards. A chorded keyboard
(or a chording keyboard) increases the number of characters available by applying
combos, that is, key presses where two or more keys are involved in some way,
as opposed to just simply having more buttons to get more characters.

Versions for older phones available here >>

Some history in this picture:

My Nokias from MeeGo N9 to
            Nokia 6

Picture: ComboKey button themes on Nokia N9 (64 GB MeeGo)  and Nokia 6 (32 GB Android)
ComboKey for Meego and Android (Android 2.3.3/4, API 10, GINGERBREAD MR1 or later)

With ComboKey app, you can enter text in normal to huge font, easily,
on big easy-to-hit keys, with one or two hands, left or right handed,
in landscape or portrait orientation of the device. Even touch type!
(Android 4.1.x - API 16 up! Versions for older phones here>>)

- tiptyper (developer of the app)

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Privacy Policy for ComboKey Plus >>

Draft new versions for testing:
ComboKey Plus (.apk) 

Draft v5.2 upgrade for testing: ComboKey Basic (.apk)

Some native versions are found here.
Older stuff:  Legacy GKOS test v1.1.0beta  (.apk) - ComboKey 1.5 beta (32-bit only)

Another old Legacy GKOS app: GKOS v1.0.5b

Old v5.5 of ComboKeyPlus