ComboKey Plus Privacy Policy

ComboKey (ComboKey Plus) can function as a keyboard for other applications. It requires permission to access the phone's memory storage to maintain symbol sets for different languages as well as data for keyboard button themes. It also needs to access internet and the microphone to support Voice Typing.

The application does not use the keyboard typing information for anything else but passing the pressed key data to the application that makes use of the keyboard. The application does not collect any personal user information, neither does it use Augmented reality.

Note that the app's word prediction uses device's User Dictionary (available to your other applications as well) where you can manually save single common words (by pressing '+' on the prediction bar), so please do not save any sensitive words (like passwords) in User Dictionary for prediction. In most cases, however, the prediction bar stays blank while entering passwords and, consequently, saving them is not even possible.

You can (on v.6.9 up) edit the content of the keyboard buttons with certain limitations. These modifications are visible/available only to you, i.e. when logged into your device with your personal credentials. It is, however, wise not to put any sensitive content visible on the buttons.

The application's Speech-to-text and Text-to-speech functions are under control of the user. ComboKey utilizes speech capabilities made available for Android applications by Google.

ComboKey Plus April 2017
- Latest update 29 Jan 2022